Student, researcher, web developer, and more.

What I Do

I'm a student, researcher, web developer, and mobile developer. My passion lies in exploring and learning new things. I believe that we learn the most when we know the least, and I love learning things that I know nothing about.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems Technology and Design at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). My specialization is in AI and Machine Learning.

Deep Learning

I work with deep learning and machine learning as an undergrad research assistant. I have experience with neural networks for computer vision, and constantly look out for new research opportunities.

Web Development

I am an enthusiastic web developer familiar with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, Python, PHP, and other frontend and backend technologies.

App Development

I have been developing iOS apps since 2009. Since then, I have published multiple applications on the App Store as well as take up freelance work. I am also currently learning Android Development.

My Projects

I've worked on a wide variety of things: websites, mobile apps, games. My recent focus has shifted to work on deep learning technologies.

Research Work

I'm passionate about research work and have worked on a few projects in SUTD, mostly related to deep learning. I am familiar with Caffe, TensorFlow.

Object Boundary Detection and Classification with Image-level Labels

A project that used neural networks in Caffe for semantic boundary detection tasks. We published our results in GCPR 2017 (German Conference on Pattern Recognition).

Exploring Random Walks

A new project that I've recently started in Fall 2017. More information to be available.

Robotics and Computing Design for Autistic Children

Our team developed lesson materials on programming and robotics targeted at students with autism.

Contact Me

Do you have something cool that you want to work on? Just want to say hi? Send me a message!